TxDOT National Electric Vehicle Implementation Plan – Comments & Suggestions

DFWCC welcomes you to an open roundtable to discuss the draft TxDOT National Electric Vehicle Implementation Plan (NEVI). Come prepared to speak with your peers on EV charging siting suggestions and comments on the draft plan itself. Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, each state is required to submit a statewide infrastructure plan in order to be eligible to receive part of the 5 billion funding program set aside for the NEVI program. Through this, Texas is set to receive approximately $408 million to be spent on charging infrastructure over the next 5 years. This public input opportunity will be the main chance to get your input and feedback on how the state plans to spend this money. Deadline for input to TxDOT is June 15.


Multi-Family EV  Charging Accessibility Analysis for Local Governments

The Department of Energy states that over 80 percent of people charge their EV at home. But for those without personal garage spaces, such as many multi-family tenants, accessibility of publicly available EV charging stations is critical in the feasibility of owning an EV. DFW Clean Cities will walk through how local governments can replicate a local EV charging accessibility analysis and recommend municipal strategies for increasing charging stations accessibility for residents across jurisdictions.

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