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This year’s Dallas, Texas NDEW event was open to the public and held outdoors at Dallas City Hall on Sunday, October 2nd, 2022. The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), Dallas Fort Worth Clean Cities (DFWCC) Coalition, and City of Dallas partnered to host the event, which featured a variety of EVs on display, ride and drive opportunities, vendor booths, and food trucks.  


Various models of EVs, ranging from light to heavy duty, were included in the display. Holt Truck Centers provided the opportunity for attendees to ride along in a Nikola Tre BEV, while iDrive1, eCarra, and Polestar all took attendees for a ride in a variety of EVs. Included in the medium- and heavy-duty portion of the event were Everman ISD's electric school bus, Oncor’s electric bucket truck, and Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s (DART) battery electric passenger bus. Attendees visited a variety of booths set up by vendors, the NCTCOG booth where informative and marketing materials were distributed, and the two food trucks on site.


Other exhibitors and sponsors at the event included Volta Charging, the North Texas Electric Auto Association, Oncor Electric Delivery, Polestar of Grapevine, Revitalize Charging Solutions, the North Texas Tesla Owners Group, DART, the City of Dallas Fleet, Siemens, EV Tech Inc, Canoo, Winn Marion, and Turn Compost. A portion of the exhibitor area was also set aside for attendees to bring and display their electric bicycles. Thanks to the exhibitors and sponsors at the event, attendees were able to expand their knowledge of EVs and EV infrastructure while mingling with fellow current or future EV owners.  


This event allowed EV enthusiasts and industry professionals a chance to share their knowledge and experience with prospective EV buyers and the broader public to increase understanding and grow interest in EVs. More event details can be found here:  

Event Summary

  • 132 attendees checked in, 91 registered to show their EVs 

  • Attendance included the general public, fleet managers, operators, and government, utility, and university employees 

  • Attendees participated in 80 ride and drives  

  • The event was covered by NBC 5 and CBS 11  

  • Pre and post event coverage included social media, radio, and newspaper paid education, as well as Lori Clark’s live interview with SiriusXM’s Road


Dog Trucking on channel 146 and ads at Volta charging stations. Links to event coverage can be found here: 



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