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Who Are We?

Electric Vehicles North Texas (EVNT) is the Electric Fuel Subcommittee of DFWCC.  Comprised of stakeholders, including city staff, fleet managers/representatives, electric vehicle (EV) industry representatives, and passionate EV owners.

What Do We Do?

EVNT provides resources, data, and networking opportunities in order to reduce barriers to EV adoption and EV supply equipment (EVSE) installation in the North Texas Region. We also plan the largest gathering of EVs in Texas at the DFW National Drive Electric Week celebration and make critical connections with others interested in supporting EVs. 


To assess electric vehicle (EV) registration trends throughout the state of Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition (DFWCC) developed a methodology utilizing the State of Texas Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) registration data and the Atlas EV Hub vehicle identification number (VIN) decoder. In September 2021, methodology was updated to address an underrepresentation of registered vehicles that applied to vehicles of all fuel types, after it was discovered that the DMV data included only a subset of total vehicle registration.  As a result of the change in methodology, total vehicle registration increased substantially, including an increase in EV registration from 53,513 to 93,694 EVs. This jump does not represent a spike in real-world adoption of EVs for that month, but rather reflects the change in the underlying dataset and methodology.


Moving forward, DFWCC will resume posting monthly downloadable EV registration reports and will maintain these reports on the website for up to two years. EV registration records and trendlines prior to May 2020 will no longer be made available as staff have determined that they are not accurate or comprehensive.

For more information regarding the methodology behind the DFWCC EV registration data, please email

Find Out How Many EVs Are In Your Jurisdiction Here

EV Basics Fact Sheet - Concisely answers the most common questions about EVs.


Workplace Charging

The majority of charging takes place at home, overnight. However, being able to charge while working during the day (when the car is otherwise simply parked) significantly increases the viability of EV ownership by extending the usable range for after-work errands and other trips. Learn more about workplace charging, charging management and installation, and how to engage employees on the benefits of driving electric!

As EV adoption continues to grow, it’s critical to engage with your local utility early about EVSE plans, so they can prepare for the need to generate and deliver more electricity to the site

Please email for the EV contact in your utility in your utility service area. In Oncor’s Territory? Download their free New Construction EV Management Handout for Guidance.

Alternative Fuels Data CenterThe Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) provides information, data, and tools to help fleets and other transportation decision makers find ways to reduce petroleum consumption through the use of alternative and renewable fuels, advanced vehicles, and other fuel-saving measures. Here are some of the EV-related tools available through the site.

Plug-in America

Plug-in America, in addition to being a non-profit, supporter-driven EV advocacy group, is also the national organizing body of National Drive Electric Week celebrated annually during September.

Used Electric Car Buyers' Guide

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