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Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities is a partner in the Equitable Mobility Powering Opportunities for Workplace Electrification Readiness (EMPOWER) workplace charging project. For more information or to sign the EMPOWER EV Friendly Workplace Pledge, visit

Workplace charging is an important feature for EV owners since their vehicles can charge, or “fill up,” while being parked at work.  Multiple groups benefit from workplace charging including employees, employers, and the surrounding community.

Download our free flyer to learn more and share the benefits of workplace charging.

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EV Infrastructure Costs and Considerations

  • Charging Level: Cost varies based upon the level of charger installed (level 1: 2-5 miles per hour; level 2: 10-20 miles per hour; DC Fast: 60-80 miles per 20 minutes of charge)

  •  EVSE Features: Smart chargers with additional tracking and data features cost more than simple chargers not connected to a network

  •  Location Selection: Strategic placement of stations will minimize trenching costs at install

  •  Plan Ahead: Plan to include EV infrastructure in new workplace construction to reduce the additional costs of retrofitting an area to get EVSE after the building is completed

  •  Talk with Your Local Utility: Avoid peak and premium electricity charges by discussing with your utility on best locations to install EVSE at your building or property to align best with your existing electricity use

  •  Visibility & Signage: The better the visibility, the more likely the stations will be used

  • Operation and Maintenance: Facilities can manage their own stations or hire a third party EVSE to manage and maintain the stations

Employee Benefits

  • Effectively doubles their electric commuting range, building range confidence

  • Increases employee satisfaction as an added work benefit

  • Increases likelihood of employee EV purchase

Employer Benefits

  • Shows public commitment to environment and air quality

  • Differentiates you from other employers

  • Helps with employee recruitment and retention

  • Furthers sustainability goals

Consider gauging employee interest as well to evaluate the actual demand for workplace charging for your employees. A sample survey is available on the AFDC here.


The US Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) has several workplace charging resources including:

A program guide that provides suggested language that can be incorporated into policies to define requirements for charging privately owned vehicles at the workplace.


A fee calculator that provides user-friendly approach to determine the necessary fee structures to recoup the costs associated with workplace charging services.


Consider gauging employee interest as well to evaluate the actual demand for workplace charging for your employees. A sample survey is available on the AFDC here.

For more information on EVs, visit the Electric Vehicles North Texas webpage. For additional information, check out the Department of Energy's page on Workplace Charging here. 

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