Electric Vehicle Charging

Multi-Unit Family Dwellings (MUD)

By 2040, electric vehicle (EV) adoption is expected to encompass over 30 percent of all vehicles. However, the lack of access to EV charging is one of the top barriers to adoption, especially for those in multi-unit dwellings, most of whom do not have the ability to charge their car at home.

According to the Census, approximately 18% of the population in the Metroplex live in multi-unit dwellings, with most residents forced to rely on workplace or public charging stations elsewhere to charge their vehicles. To provide for a growing need for tenants, property owners should explore installing electric vehicle charging stations.

  • Attract Residents: New residents are placing higher importance on sustainable amenities in their apartment homes.

  • Stay Sustainable:  Increase LEED certification rating and property “resilience”, possibly leading to lower insurance rates and higher property values.

  • Stay Ahead: EV sales are growing rapidly and one of the largest areas of expansion is amongst renters.

  • Rebates for EV charging stations can dramatically cut costs: There are a mix of federal, state, utility, and local EVSE (EV Supply Equipment) incentives.


Download free Multi-Family informational flyer to distribute: HERE

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Current Funding

Multi-unit dwellings can get 60% funding, up to $2500 per installation off of Level 2 charging stations through the Texas Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Program.

$10.4 million is available on a first come, first served basis. Deadline September 9, 2021. Volkswagen funding can be paired with the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit, covering 30% of charging station costs, up to $30,000 until December 31, 2021  


To apply or learn more, visit Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust - Texas Commission on Environmental Quality at – www.texasvwfund.orgFrom there, navigate to Grants and select Learn More under the Zero Emission Vehicle Supply Equipment Grants. This page provides additional information and application materials.


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Applications can be mailed to the physical addresses noted in the application instructions or can be emailed to VWsettle@tceq.texas.gov.


For all other questions and information contact: cleancities@nctcog.org