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The Electric Vehicle Widescale Analysis for Tomorrow’s Transportation Solutions (EV-WATTS) 

The EV WATTS project was developed to address the need for practical information about vehicle electrification. Through this project, funded by the Department of Energy to Energetics, plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) data is collected to analyze EV performance nationwide and help shape future EV research and development. Fleets and individual EV owners are eligible participate.

Visit to read more about the national level project.  

DFW Clean Cities' Role

The Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities coalition, along with others across the nation, was awarded as a regional partner to facilitate connections to fleets and electric vehicle owners. The DFW Clean Cities coalition is housed by the North Central Texas Council of Governments and will not be party to any of the data sharing.  The Coalition will only receive aggregated summary data produced as a result of project analysis. 

How to Participate

Some benefits of participating in the EV WATTS project include: 

  • Personal data analysis reports for vehicles and stations.

  •  Access to vehicle data through MyGeotab. Through MyGeotab, trip and charging data, as well as missed charging opportunities are tracked.  

  • Contribution to a national data set that will be utilized to shape further EV research and infrastructure development.

Who can Participate in the EV WATTS project: 

  • Fleets/Businesses who have:   

    •  Evs

      • Vehicles currently have telematics that can share data.​

      • Or, would be willing to install free data loggers on their EVs without telematics.

    • EVSE

      • Charging stations must track data. 


Fleets/ Businesses 

Fleets and businesses are eligible to share existing EV and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) data or receive a free data-logger for their vehicles for the duration of the project. To begin data-sharing, an agreement is signed, then the data-transfer process can be set up. To get more project info and for a draft project sharing agreement, contact Clean Cities at  


How long will my data be collected? 

Data will be collected for the remainder of the project life, through 2022.  

Will others be able to see my data?  

No. All data collected will be transmitted directly to Energetics and will be completely anonymized.  

How can stakeholders view the collected data reports? 

Once data has been collected and anonymized, Energetics will conduct an analysis and publish findings online for public use.  

Please contact Clean Cities at for any additional questions or information.  

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