a campaign for electric vehicle education

Electric Vehicles North Texas (EVNT) seeks to educate and spread awareness of electric vehicle technology and applications. Organized by the Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition, EVNT’s collective purpose is to provide resources, technical assistance and host/coordinate EV events (EVents) in the North Central Texas Region to help reduce the barriers of EV adoption.

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New to Electric Vehicles? Get the basics on charging, maintenance costs, and general ownership tips.


How Does An Average Car Spend The Day?


Leisure Destination

Shopping Centers

Travel Centers

Electrical Inspectors

EV Readiness

EV Goals


EV Policy and Codes

Resiliency/Emergency Preparedness

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funding + incentives

learn about available financial incentives to help you meet your clean technology goals

There are a wide array of available EV and EV infrastructure incentives for Consumers, Fleets, Commercial/ Private Entities and Local Governments! Check out available incentives on our NCTCOG AQ Funding webpage.

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Peer Organizations

  • North Texas Electric Auto Association (NTEAA)

  • Texas Electric Transportation Resource Alliance (TXETRA)

  • Plug-in Texas

  • North Texas Tesla Owners (NTTO) Group

  • North Texas Renewable Energy Group (NTREG)

  • Evolve Houston

  • Clean Cities Coalitions

  • Oncor

  • North Texas Automobile Dealers (NTXAD)

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EV Charging

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The Types of Electric Vehicles (EV)

All Electric Vehicles or Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs):

Run solely on electricity that they get from an electric source and use a battery to store the electric power received.


Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles:

Are powered by an internal combustion engine in combination with an electric motor that uses energy stored in on-board batteries that cannot be charged by an external power source


Search Available Light-Duty EVs in Texas

Find an EV that meets your needs near you!

Search Available Heavy-Duty EVs in Texas

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) or EV Charging

Fuel Costs

EVs cost less to operate with fuel than gasoline cars, as electricity on average is cheaper per gasoline gallon equivalent than gasoline.


Electricity prices are also not as volatile as oil, which makes budgeting for an EV more consistent each year.






                        Source: Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Price Reports | Electricity prices

                        are from EIA's Real Prices Viewer.

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The cost to maintain an EV is generally much lower than fossil fuel-powered vehicles due to fewer moving parts.


EVs have single-speed transmissions and regenerative braking (reduces wear on brakes), and they don’t require oil changes, saving users money.

AFDC Vehicle Cost Calculator Tool 

Vehicle Cost Cal.png

Emission Benefits

Battery electric vehicles produce no emissions while being driven, helping reduce air pollution, including ozone, the harmful pollutant created by Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), emitted by gasoline and diesel vehicles.

NCTCOG Air Quality Page

The well to wheels impact of EVs in TX is more beneficial than many other states due to the composition of the electric grid, with over 65% sourced being either clean natural gas or renewably powered wind. 

                 Source: ERCOT June 2020 Fact Sheet

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EVs have less annual Well to Wheel Green House Gas Emissions for both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicle equivalents.

To learn more about and how to use the Alternative Fuel Life-Cycle Environment and Economic Transportation (AFLEET) Tool, visit our


Insert: Graphs

Compares electricity sources and the annual EV emissions by state:


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State of Evs in Texas

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Electrical Vehical (EV) Infrastructure

Find a Charger Near You

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EV-Ready Corridors

Electric Vehicle Corridors (FWHAA)

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EV Charging Locations

Day in the Life of an Average Car

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EVNT Page Picture 15.png

Based on Location, Type, and Average Time Spent, Different Charging Levels May be Better Suited by Site than Others

Source: U.S. DOE Workplace Charging Presentation, July 2015

Choosing Station Locations

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EVSE Location Distribution Pyramid


Determine where to install or expand stations. 


Where do people spend time and visit?


Where are there concentrations of multifamily developments?

Workplace  Charging

Multi-Family Housing

Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness

EV Goals


EV Policy and Codes

Residency/Emergency Preparedness


Texans can save BIG by going electric!

There are a wide array of available EV and EV infrastructure incentives for Consumers, Fleets, Commercial/Private Entities and Local Governments! Check out available incentives on our NCTCOG AQ Funding webpage.

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Resources by Audience Type



Local Governments


Property/Business Owners

Consumer EV Resources

Step 1: Study Up

• Consumer Reports

• Electric Cars 101: The Answers to All Your EV Questions

• U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

• Plug in EV Handbook for Consumers

• Alternative Fuel Data Center

• Vehicle Cost Calculator

• Well-to Wheels Emissions Calculator

• Argonne National Laboratory

• Quarterly EV Sales Data (Embed Graph)?

Step 2: Find Your EV

• Plug-In-America

• Used EV Buyers Guide

• Plug Star Existing EV List

• Auto Alliance

• Advanced Technology Vehicle Sales Dashboard

• Shift2Electric

• EVInfoList

Step 3: Find a Place To Charge

• AFDC Station Locator

NCTCOG Resources

  • Incentive Flyer

  • Workplace Charging Flyer

  • AQ Funding

Local Government Resources

U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

Technical Tools

Cooperative Purchasing

Fleet Resources

Cooperative Purchasing

  • Plug-in EV Handbook for Fleet Managers

NCTCOG Resources

Dealer EV Resources


Property Owner Resources

Workplace Charging

*insert graphics and info from workplace charging page. 

U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

Clean Cities

Multi Family Housing

NCTCOG Resources

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