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Transportation across the country is electrifying and more and more drivers are looking for places to charge their vehicles. Adding charging at workplaces is proving to be one of the best ways to help drivers access charging when they can’t install one at their home.  

For workplaces, workplace charging offers many benefits, including… 

  • Recruit and retain employees and/or tenants. 

  • Act on sustainability and climate action goals. 

  • Increase employee satisfaction by providing convenient and reliable charger access. Receive recognition for being a leader in sustainability and EV adoption. 

The nationwide EMPOWER Workplace Charging project is driving EV-friendly workplaces forward by connecting workplaces with the resources they need to make decisions, install chargers, and get recognized for their leadership in providing access to EVs for their employees.  

By joining EMPOWER, you'll gain access to great workplace charging resources and receive one-on-one assistance from experienced DFW Clean Cities staff. Get started by taking the EMPOWER interest survey and position your workplace to become a leader in sustainable business practices and workplace amenities for your employees.  



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