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City of North Richland Hills

The City of North Richland Hills (NRH) has been pro-active in the NCTCOG Clean Fleet Program. The city adopted a Clean Fleet Ordinance in December 2005 and since then; every vehicle purchased was either LEV or ULEV certified. The city also adopted a Vehicle Idling Policy and has been rightsizing vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 

In years past, NRH has utilized the EPA ARRA Clean Diesel Replacement Grants to replace three older Fire Department vehicles which were past due for replacement. All three vehicles were equipped with older non-compliant diesel engines: a 1987 fire engine that was three years past due for replacement, a 1996 ambulance that was four years past due, and a 1999 ambulance that was two years past due for replacement. All were replaced with new models meeting either the 2007 or 2010 clean diesel emission standards. Currently, the NRH Fleet Department is evaluating hybrid vehicles and E85 fuel for implementation into the clean fleet program. The NRH goals are to reduce fuel consumption, reduce apparatus engine idling, reduce unnecessary apparatus travel time and improve the environment and air quality.

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